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Baby First Name:
Name of Baby Born On Name of Parents
Erin Leigh K 5/1/2015 Lisa
Owen Allen S 5/1/2015 Amanda and John
Crystal A. G 5/7/2015 Antonia and Jesus
Elena Grace  B 5/8/2015 Emily and Ben
Madelyn Rose L 5/8/2015 Maggie
Oliver Gage H 5/13/2015 Ashley
Yanamari Ixchel R 5/15/2015 Zoraida
Isabel  Janelle J 5/16/2015 Tiffany and Kyle
Connor Robert F 5/18/2015 Caitlan and Michael
Savy Drew R 5/18/2015 Ashley and Derek
Judah Daniel S 5/22/2015 Sylvie and Zachary
Julian Christopher Jr A 5/22/2015 Trisha and Julian
Allie Marie N 5/26/2015 Mandie and Christopher

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(815) 664-5311 or (815) 223-5346

(815) 664-1578 TTY



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