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Name of Baby Born On Name of Parents
Caden Robert D 7/1/2016 Jennifer and James
Ivionna Marianna S 7/1/2016 Caterine and Devin
Addilyn Lenore C 7/5/2016 Kimberly and Brian
Valerie Grace F 7/5/2016 Kayla and Andrew
Alena Lynne P 7/6/2016 Melissa and Shawn
Emmersen Anne P 7/8/2016 Michelle and Brad
Everly Patrica S 7/8/2016 Abby and Dylan
Lincoln Michael S 7/11/2016 Rebecca and Benjamin
Neveah Lynn and Bentley Michael B 7/13/2016 Tiffany and Zachary
Callie Jean M 7/14/2016 Lisa and Jason
Maddux William B 7/15/2016 Amy and Jared
Liam Robert M 7/20/2016 Shauna and David
Kendall Suzanne C 7/22/2016 Toni and Brian
Josie Sofia D 7/24/2016 Marisela and Jason
Logan Thomas N 7/26/2016 Melissa

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