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Baby First Name:
Name of Baby Born On Name of Parents
Delilah Rose W 4/1/2015 Rhikki
Landon Alexander Grayson M 4/2/2015 Felicia K
Connor Thomas B 4/3/2015 Trisha and Brandon
Nakaelah Margaret J 4/6/2015 Natalie
Frank Henry H 4/8/2015 Kellie and Chad
Zendaya K'Eray K 4/8/2015 Erin and Anterrio
Cayde Mitchell H 4/9/2015 Sheila and Mathew
Marlee Hope Marie S 4/9/2015 Jennifer and Michael
Nolan Bentley C 4/14/2015 Martha and Andrew
Dorinda Grace A 4/15/2015 Tasha and Ronald
Lillith Harper B 4/15/2015 Trisha and Ryan
Namine  Viktoria B 4/15/2015 Serenity and Dalton
Ashton Ray F 4/16/2015 Maria
Aiden Wade M 4/18/2015 Kathi and Aaron
Knox Archer Douglas H 4/20/2015 Karissa and Joel
Rose Marita T 4/20/2015 Sarah and Sean
Brenley Sue B 4/24/2015 Ashley and Jacob

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