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Baby First Name:
Name of Baby Born On Name of Parents
Presley Jean S 3/3/2015 Amanda and Jason
McKenna Elizabeth F 3/5/2015 Megan and Matthew
Carter Anthony Dale S 3/6/2015 Baily and Brian
Mason Cole D 3/6/2015 Melissa
Thomas Daniel T 3/7/2015 Brittany and Danny
Adalynn Marie S 3/12/2015 Amber
Gael Arturo P 3/12/2015 Rosa and David
Avaleighna Rose Donna S 3/13/2015 Nikki and Josh
Charlee Jean P 3/16/2015 Taylor and Charles
Huck Elijah F 3/16/2015 Monica and Jacob
Parker  Michael C 3/16/2015 Julee and Dale
Athena Rose S 3/18/2015 Kerri and Richard
Xander Monte G 3/23/2015 Feliscia and Kale

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