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Baby First Name:
Name of Baby Born On Name of Parents
Madison Ann G 1/2/2015 Laura and Matthew
John Ryan T 1/3/2015 Barbara
Kimma Jo Faith H 1/6/2015 Trisha and Michael
Giada Dorothea W 1/8/2015 Maria and Jesse
Jonah William Z 1/8/2015 Michelle and Bill
Tessa Ann M 1/9/2015 Teresa and Eric
Violet Quinn V 1/12/2015 Katie and Nicholas
Perseus Mikael W 1/17/2015 Dakota
Esteban Emanuel S 1/19/2015 Laura
Trinity  Kai R 1/19/2015 Taylor
Aaron B 1/20/2015 Nancy and Evaristo
Collins Claire M 1/20/2015 Brea and Keith
Graham Thomas S 1/20/2015 Jessica and Brad
William Scott J 1/20/2015 Alisha and Noah
Sophia Rosalie C 1/21/2015 Nathalie and Jose
Grady James B 1/23/2015 Gina and Daryl
Olivia Maite C 1/23/2015 Maria and Juan

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