Birth Date:      
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Baby First Name:
Name of Baby Born On Name of Parents
Natalie Virginia H 11/2/2015 Jenelle and Brandon
Landon Michael L 11/3/2015 Bethany and Aaron
Nolanlee Nasri Elijah R 11/4/2015 Allison and Nasri
Thomas Joseph M 11/5/2015 Natalie and Joe
Wesley James Lewis H 11/6/2015 Jenna and Joshua
Miguel Jr. M 11/7/2015 Cynthia and Miguel
Bruno Tanari B 11/11/2015 Maria and Derek
Levi Michael W 11/11/2015 Heather and Brandon
Sydney Nichole K 11/11/2015 Taylor and Nicholas
Jocelynn Grace T 11/13/2015 Cara and Jason
Callie Mae K 11/17/2015 Mandy and Matt
Rheagal Dracaris-Khale V 11/21/2015 Bethia and Michael

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