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Baby First Name:
Name of Baby Born On Name of Parents
Penelope Rae N 8/1/2017 Elizabeth and Justin
Harvey Finn R 8/2/2017 Laura and Mark
Colton Maverick G 8/7/2017 Jamie and Bradley
Scarlett Raye N 8/7/2017 Stacy and Casey
Eva  Carolyn P 8/8/2017 Jamie and Jonathan
Teeyah Maricella G 8/9/2017 Nicole
Audra Lee S 8/10/2017 Jessica and Brad
Mabrey Ann J 8/10/2017 April and Scott
Maximus Charlee Wyatt R 8/10/2017 Lindsay and Darryn
Tennyson Alexis S 8/10/2017 Tammie and Tim
Amara Rae M 8/15/2017 Teresa and Eric
Averie Mae C 8/16/2017 Emily and Patrick
Isabella Grace B 8/16/2017 Eileen and Zachary

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