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Baby First Name:
Name of Baby Born On Name of Parents
Arya Marie K 8/1/2014 Caitlyn and Shawn
Wyatt Anthony V 8/1/2014 Abby and Tim
Gianna  AnnMarie F 8/2/2014 Nicole and Travis
Olivia Mae P 8/2/2014 Kendra and Tony
Gabriella  Lynne G 8/4/2014 Sarah and Reynaldo
Oscar Jr G 8/4/2014 Guadalupe and Oscar
Reed Steven B 8/4/2014 Amanda and Brandon
Sophie  Elaine A 8/4/2014 Jenny and Ron
Keira Grace W 8/5/2014 Jacqueline and James
Ruby Z 8/5/2014 Alma and Apollo
Isaiah Alexander R 8/6/2014 Edith and Vicente
Jayden David R 8/6/2014 Heather and David
Nathan Russell S 8/7/2014 Jean and Jeremy

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(815) 664-5311 or (815) 223-5346

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