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Baby First Name:
Name of Baby Born On Name of Parents
Beckett Kayne B 11/1/2014 Jamie and Paul
Rayelynn Marie H 11/4/2014 Malissa and Skee
Zander Merle-Scott R 11/4/2014 Heidi and Kiley
Emelia Hope B 11/5/2014 Kristen and Richard
Joshawnn Zion W 11/6/2014 Brooke and Joshua
Marissa Jean M 11/6/2014 Stephanie and Jason
Callie  Mae R 11/11/2014 Nikki and Michael
Cody Lee H 11/12/2014 Anika and Michael
Easton Dean E 11/12/2014 Nicole
Anthony Nahuel M 11/13/2014 Erica and Pablo
Avery Marie L 11/19/2014 Kristen and Michael

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