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Baby First Name:
Name of Baby Born On Name of Parents
Kinsley Mae F 3/1/2017 Amanda and Bret
Emiliano Jonah E 3/2/2017 Maricela and Juan
Kinsley Jean H 3/3/2017 Jessica and Wayne
Lucy Jean C 3/7/2017 Becky and Tony
Jayleen Janette H 3/8/2017 Janeth and Javier
Kaison Michael B 3/9/2017 Holly
Weston Allen P 3/9/2017 Brianna and Ward
Iris Annabella D 3/10/2017 Megan and Omar
Leslie Monserath V 3/17/2017 Angelica and Gilberto
Isabelle Rosalee K 3/20/2017 Lauren and Robert
Oliver Gene C 3/20/2017 Annie and Ben
Jordan Jeffrey "JJ" M 3/24/2017 Erika and Josh
Wes Harrison B 3/24/2017 Jacky and Brandon

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