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Baby First Name:
Name of Baby Born On Name of Parents
Caleb Thomas M 10/1/2014 Katie and Dan
Cash Alan B 10/1/2014 Narissa and Matthew
Maya Dawn A 10/2/2014 Charissa and Simon
Millie Rebecca R 10/2/2014 Ashleigh and Brad
Gunner Rey T 10/3/2014 Leticia and Jeremy
Christopher Jacob L 10/9/2014 Rosaura and Jesus
Johnny Ollivander C 10/10/2014 Jessica and Christopher
Aliviah Ruby Jean P 10/11/2014 Chantlle and George
Jayden Michael C 10/12/2014 Abigail and Devin
Tucker William T 10/14/2014 Kelly and Nate
Caleb Thomas G 10/15/2014 Christina and Keith
Ethan Knox Francis O 10/15/2014 Ashley and Christopher
Greyson John C 10/16/2014 Annie and Ben
Age Daniel G 10/17/2014 Zepha and Shawn
Julio Cesar Jr, S 10/17/2014 Silvia and Julio
Mia Faye K 10/17/2014 Jennifer and Matt
Nikki Lee W 10/19/2014 Desteny and Cody

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