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Baby First Name:
Name of Baby Born On Name of Parents
Charlotte Marie D 9/2/2017 Kayla and Jesse
Christian Emiliano B 9/3/2017 Nancy and Evaristo
Robert  James T 9/3/2017 Ramie and Robert
Brookleigh Meadow L 9/4/2017 Lauren and Garrett
Eva  Lena Marie T 9/4/2017 Megan and Alex
Azayla Maelynn H 9/5/2017 Kaytlyn
Addison Mae F 9/7/2017 Heather and Adam
Alaric Joseph W 9/9/2017 Rebekah and Tracy
Leni Jane R 9/11/2017 JoAnn and Shawn
Carl Allen L 9/17/2017 Robin and Carl
Arber A 9/18/2017 Kadrije and Esat
Emillano Q 9/18/2017 Araceli and Miguel
Logan Robert Jr R 9/18/2017 Shannon and Logan
Henry Lloyd L 9/19/2017 Cara and Bruce
Jackson Connor R 9/19/2017 Kristy and Eric
Leanna Martha R 9/20/2017 Sherri and Fernando
Zoey Elizabeth L 9/20/2017 Renae and Patrick
Rhett Alan L 9/21/2017 Kayla and Erik
Brianna Lee y 9/22/2017 Kerry and Max
Dylan Mya M 9/22/2017 Chalice and Brandon
Rylan Augustus E 9/22/2017 Ashley and Tyler

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