Advance Directives

St. Margaret's Hospital provides all adult patients with information on Advance Directives, legally valid documents which express a person's choice on life-sustaining treatments. Click here to learn more.

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Cancer Care

St. Margaret's Cancer Care services including Cancer Support Groups, the DeAngelo Resource Center , Hospice Care, the Oncology Clinic and the Valley Cancer Center. Click here to learn more. Click here to learn more.


Support Department - (815) 664-1613

Hospice - (815) 664-1132

Valley Regional Cancer Center - (866) 964-5864

Illinois Cancer Care - (815) 223-7010

Valley Regional Health Services - (815) 667-7226

Valley Radiation Oncology - (815) 224-5511

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Critical Care

Our Critical Care Services feature the Cardiology Clinic, the Emergency Department and the Intensive Care Unit. Click here to learn more.


Cardiology Clinic - (309) 674-1289

Emergency Department - (815) 664-1464

Intensive Care Unit - (815) 664-1420

MRI - (815) 664-1365

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Diagnostic Services

St. Margaret's Diagnostic Services include Audiology, Cardiopulmonary Services, Diagnostic Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Mammography, Laboratory, Sleep Center, PET Scan and MRI allows your physician access to diagnostic imaging results from his/her office or home. Click here to learn more.


Audiology - (815) 224-3040

Cardiopulmonary Services - (815) 664-1467

Diagnostic Imaging - (815) 664-1468

Laboratory - (815) 664-1471

Sleep Center - (815) 664-1122

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Hospice is not a place. It is a philosophy of care. Hospice affirms life. it neither hastens nor postpones death, but exists in the hope and with the belief that terminally ill patients and their families can live as fully as possible until the end of life. Click here to learn more.


Hospice - (815) 664-1132

Prairieland Home Care - (815) 663-2229

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Maternal / Child Services

Take advantage of our Family Birthing Centre, Pediatric Services or our prenatal classes to help ensure your children will have the best care available in the area. Newly remodeled LDRP rooms are avialable with whirlpool tubs. Click here to learn more.


Family Birthing Centre - (815) 664-1345

Pediatric Cardiac Evaluation Clinic - (815) 664-1365

Pediatric Gastroenterology Clinic - (815) 664-1365

Pediatric Services - (815) 664-1450

Prenatal/Sibling Classes - (815) 664-1345

Women's Health Center - (815) 663-2300

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Other Services

Billing Assistance - (815) 664-1575
Centralized Patient Scheduling - (815) 664-1365
Emergency Response System - (815) 664-1486

Infusion Therapy - (815) 664-1110
Occupational Health & Wellness - (815) 220-0075
Para Transit - (815) 664-5411
Patient Support Department - (815) 664-1613
Patient and Family Services - (815) 664-1486

St. Margaret Living Center - (815) 664-1434
Volunteer Services - (815) 664-1130

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Pastoral Care

Chaplains are available in the hospital from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for emergencies.  Click here to read more regarding Pastoral Care at St. Margaret's and our Dial-A-Prayer service. Click here to learn more.


Dial-A-Prayer - (815) 664-1611

Pastoral Care / Spiritual Support - (815) 664-1155

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Pediatric/Adult Hospital Services

Medical/Surgical/Pediatric/Nursing Unit - (815) 664-1454

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Prairieland Home Care

Prairieland Home Care, part of the SMP Health System, pulls together a team of professional nurses, certified home health aides and therapists who visit the patient's home as often as necessary. Click here to learn more.

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Primary Care and Specialty Clinics

Conveniently located throughout the Illinois Valley, St. Margaret's Community Health Clinics provide comprehensive health care services, including: diagnosis and care of illness; work, school and sport exams; prenatal and obstetrical care; gynecological exams; newborn and pediatric care; minor surgery; fracture care; laboratory services; physical therapy; electrocardiogram (EKG); ear testing (audiograms); and Occupational Health Services such as pre-employment exams, return to work exams, annual exams and executive exams. Click here to learn more.

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Rehabilitative Services

St. Margaret's Rehabilitative Services include Aquatic Therapy, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Massage Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Speech Therapy. St. Margaret's Center for Physcial Rehab is a 10,000 sqare foot facility located at the Midtown Plaza in North Peru.A full service of rehab services by the most comprehensive and experienced staff in the area is offered at this convenient location, including Work Reconditioning and fitness. Click here to learn more.


Aquatic Therapy - (815) 223-8600

Cardiac Rehab - (815) 664-1532

Center for Industrial Rehab - (815) 223-8600

Occupational Therapy - (815) 223-8600

Physical Therapy - (815) 223-8600

Pulmonary Rehabilitation - (815) 664-1649

Speech Therapy - (815) 223-8600

Sports Medicine - (815) 223-8600

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Surgical Services

St. Margaret's offers Same Day Surgery and Special Procedures Units. Laparascopic and minimally invasive procedures using the latest technology are available. Click here to learn more.


Same Day Surgery - (815) 664-1400

Special Procedures Unit - (815) 664-1407

Surgery - (815) 664-1555

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Convenient Care Vs. Emergency Care

Do you need to make a trip to the Emergency Room or just stop in one of our Convenient Care Centers? Find out the options and the differences between the two. Read more here.

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